JY4A Sawdust briquette maker

Connecting mode: horizontal
Power: 27kw
Capacity: 280-350kg/h
Sawdust briquette maker is briefly called as sawdust press ,it’s a type of press to process sawdust to biomass briquette .We have 5 models sawdust briquette machine for sale ,JY4A is one of bigger models ,it has horizontal structure which means the electric motor was in the same axis with the pressing chamber .

It’s consisted by an electric motor ,a control pannel ,a gear box and gears ,a raw material feeder ,heating device and a reception device .The raw material is sawdust ,it must be fine enough ,if not ,we should crush it at first ,in normal case ,we only use a crusher to do that ,but if the raw material is in bigger bloc ,ony the crusher won’t be enough ,in this case ,we must use a wood spliter .Besides ,the moisture of raw material must be low ,between 10% to 15% ,if it’s very humide ,we must dry with a sawdust dryer ,according to the initial moisture and the drying speed ,we can choose the air-flow dryer or rotary drum dryer ,we have all of these machines for sale .
The final product is sawdust log or sawdust brick ,so it’s also called as sawdust log making machine ,sawdust logs machine or definitely sawdust brick making machine ,sawdust brick maker .If the user just need these bricks as their fuel for boiler ,he needn’t continue transform them into charcoal bricks ,he’d better burn them directly .

Technical parameters:
Model JY4A
Connecting mode Horizontal
Motor power 22KW
Heating power 5KW
Material moisture 10%-15%
Rods diameter 48-60mm
Capacity 280-350KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ