Biomass fuel briquettes

MOQ: 500 KGS
Waste wood can be transformed for different sorts of fuel ,among them ,pellets are usually for civil use ,and briquettes for industrial use .Biomass briquette may be a semi product if the aim is to produce charcoal briquette ,and it may be the final product if it will be used as fuel for boilers .
Compared with biomass pellets ,the biomass briquette is much bigger ,we can’t make it as smaller as pellets because it must be burnt during a certain time to release all its heat energy continuously ,therefor if the briquette is so small ,it will be burnt in a short time ,so not suitable for industrial boiler .In another way ,if the briquette is small ,the transport and the feeding for boiler will be more difficult ,it must be transported with many crushed dust .In consideration of such points above ,the size of biomass briquette must be bigger ,but not big excessive to enter the boiler .

The biomass briquette is a type of fuel briquette ,different from other fuel briquette ,it’s biomass which means it can’t be stored for long time as well as charcoal briquette for example .The making of this fuel briquette don’t refer to chemical reaction ,so it only contain some active and biological maters .The process include merely crushing and compressing ,the crushing has nothing particular ,just as crushing other material into powder or dust ,the compressing will be done in a hot condition while the crushed raw material is compressed by the screw die .Then leaving from the compressing room ,it will be formed for different shape .Because of such crushing and compressing ,all biomass cellula has been broken and aggregated again which will give the new fuel briquette much heat value during burning .

Technical parameters:

Shape Cylinder ;Column ;Hexagon...
Diameter 40--60mm
Density 1.1-1-.4ton/m3
Length As clients demand
Moisture <8%
Packing Vacuum package