Charcoal bbq briquettes

MOQ: 500 KGS
Machined made charcoal briquettes have two main uses ,the first is for industry such as boiler use briquettes ,the second is for civil such as barbecue briquettes .Barbecue briquettes can be also briefly called as bbq briquettes or charcoal bbq .It has vaste range for using ,however among them ,barbecue is most important use .
As we known ,barbecue is often placed outdoors ,so the bbq briquettes must be not difficult to carry .Only few people would like use natural charcoal briquettes ,they haven’t uniform shape and size ,not very easy to burn ,so the quality can’t be guaranteed .Bbq briquettes haven’t such problem ,and the price may be lower ,so it’s well popular by users .

The fabrication of bbq briquettes is not difficult ,the raw material like waste wood must be crushed into sawdust at first .If it has also a high moisture ,it should be dried at first then taken to briquetting machine .By this machine ,the sawdust will be compressed with a very temperature and a very high pressure .They will be compressed to briquettes which will be called as biomass briquettes .It’s the semi-finished product ,and can’t be stored for long time .For making the charcoal bbq briquettes ,it remains the last process that is the carbonization .We can consider that the carbonization process is like buring ,but it’s quite different of buring ,because the biomass briquettes won’t burn completely ,however it will burn with oxygen-poor which will save the most of heat value .
There are many forms of bbq briquettes ,the form can be square ,round ,hexagon or other ,it can be customized according to client’s need ,we’ll furnish the right mould for them .

Technical parameters:

Shape Cylinder ;Column ;Hexagon...
Outer diameter 30--40mm
Inner diameter 15mm
Density 1.35-1-.8ton/m3
Charcoal content >98%
Smoke and odour Smokeless and odourless