Charcoal briquette making machine

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
Charcoal briquette making machine is a specific machine to be used to compress the charcoal or something carbonized. In normal condition, the way to make charcoal briquette is making the biomasse briquette at frist, then put them into kiln and get the charcoal after a process of carbonization. But hardly to use the same way for any type of raw material, because some of them were proved very difficult to be compressed into biomass briquette, such as coconut shell and bamboo, were in the same condition. Here we’d rather make them charcoal before forming the briquette, because compared with making briquette at first, making charcoal is easier, furthermore any shape of final product can be made just by changing a forming mould which was called as a die. It’s more efficient with lower cost. Let us imagine if we only have charcoal as raw material, how to make charcoal briquette, the best solution will be charcoal briquette making machine.

Sure that charcoal briquette making machine process not only charcoal as unique material, it can also process coal to make coal briquette. Because the coal is heavier than charcoal, during same time of working, the output for coal briquette will be much higher than charcoal briquette. If the user has also need for making coal briquette, it’s just the chance to use our machine to make all the two types products, so-called one machine for two. Not belonging to our scope, the coal processing industry won’t be presented more here.
Now we exploit the construction of machine, 3 parts enumerated as feeding system, transmission system and pressing-forming system constitute it. The electric motor gives power to drive the transmission system through the belt pulley, with the help of reduction box, the power will be transmited to central axis who rotate the die to compress raw material to briquette.

Technical parameters:
Model Roller diameter Power Charcoal briquette output Coal briquette output
YQ-290 290mm*200mm 5.5kw 400-500kg/H 1T/H
YQ-360 360mm*250mm 7.5kw 0.5-1T/H 1.5-2T/H
YQ-430 430mm*250mm 11kw 1.5-2.5T/H 3.5-4.5T/H
YQ-500 500mm*470mm 30kw 3-4T/H 7.5-8.5T/H