Machined wood charcoal briquettes on sale

MOQ: 500 KGS
Machined wood charcoal briquette was also called as man-made charcoal briquette or smokeless charcoal ,it’s not a natural product ,however it’s all made by machine .The range of raw material is vaste ,something as rice husk ,peanut shell ,corn straw can be used to grinded to make it .Besides ,many wood waste also can be used as its raw material after crushing .The charcoal briquettes have high density ,high burning value ,smokeless and safe to be stored ,it’s a real environmental green product .

Many users may have doubt ,since we have already many natural charcoal briquettes ,why we should process these wood waste to use the machined wood charcoal briquettes .Here we can make a simple comparison with natural charcoal briquette ,advantage of machined wood charcoal briquettes as following :
  1. High burning value: fixed charcoal content is approximately 80% ,the burning value can reach 7500-8000kcal/kg ,against 6500kcal/kg of natural charcoal briquette .
  2. Low water content: the water content is inferior 5% ,on the contrary the natural charcoal has a high water content .
  3. Clean energy without pollution: No smoke during buring ,without flame spark ,the ash content is less than 3% .
  4. Uniform size and form: All machined wood charcoal briquettes have the same exact size ,the form can be customized according to client’s demand .
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Technical parameters:

Heat value 8000Kcal/kg
Water content <4%
Ash content <5%
Volatile content <15%
Degree of purity >99%
Duration of burning >200min