Movable biochar charcoal kiln

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
Movable biochar kiln is a simple but high efficient equipment,it has completely resolved the problem of building brick kiln and the problem of moving it,suitable for small charcoal makers.There are two models of charcoal kiln,one is brick kiln and the other is movable kiln.The first one is a fixed equipment and can be used in the same place,the cost will be varied in different regions,some regions very cheap however certain regions expensive,it depends on the local market.Once the brick kiln has been build,impossible to move it to other placee.Along with the strict limit of environmental protection,more and more kilns will be limited to produce.So if it will be forbidden in one place,the whole brick kiln will be deserted which will make many waste,tha’s why less and less makers choose the brick kiln.
Movable biochar kiln has whole steel shell,strong and durable,it has thermal-protection layer and refractory brick layer inside.When using,we should put all biomass briquette in the kiln,then ignite to start carbonization and control the temperature,finally unload all charcoal briquettes when it attains the set carbonization time.The using and operation is easy,safety and reliable,if the temperature is out of limit,it will alert with sound.The defect is same as traditional kilns,it takes time to be cooled,so in order to improve efficiency,the users can prepare one or more kilns to use alternately.When one kiln is working,the second one is being cooled,until the second one will be filled all biomass briquettes and be ready to start carbonization,the first one will stop working and prepare to be cooled.Thus the carbonization will last without interrupt,the efficiency will be improved.

Technical parameters:

Model JYMCK-1
Shell High strength steel
Refractory bricks Contained
Capacity per batch 2000kg bio-briquettes
Charcoal briquette output 600-700kg
Weight 4.5T