Sawdust wood chip briquette

MOQ: 500 KGS
Sawdust briquette or wood chip briquette all belong to biomass fuel ,the most obvious difference with the fossil fuel is the renewability .The forming of fossil fuel such as coal or petrol must be with a very long time ,maybe more than millions of years .Because of such long production time ,we consider it as non-renewable fuel .Indeed there is abundant non-renewable fuel ,but with the growing consumption of fuel ,especially in recent years ,the fuel crise will come in no time .Since it’s non-renewable ,we havn’t a way to replenish ,the only way we can do is to find the renewable fuel to replace it .
As we have known ,the burning of coal or petrol will release many sorts of polluted gas ,something may be harmful for our health .Depending on the existant technology ,we can’t get them all rid of .So it’s another reason to replace non-renewable fuel by our sawdust briquette or wood chip briquette .

The making cost is very cheap ,it only refers to physical process .The raw material is various ,but among them ,the most economic is the waste wood ,for example the peanut shell ,the rice husk ,the wood chip ,the wood broken piece ,or other wood waste with nothing cost .At first ,whatever of any raw material must be crushed to sawdust ,the sawdust is a type of wood powder and the water content must be less .Then the sawdust will be compressed by an equipment which we called it briquette press or briquette machine .Finnaly we’ll get sawdust briquette or wood chip briquette to use for boilers ,they must be consumed in place and can’t be stored for long time .If not ,we have to reprocess them to make charcoal briquette .

Technical parameters:

Heat value >4300Kcal/kg
Ash content <1.1%
Combustion ratio >95%
Sulphur content <0.03%
Nitrogen content <0.16%
Chlorine content <0.002%