Smokeless biochar charcoal retort

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
Smokeless charcoal retort is a set of equipments made by our company who has made many tests and many improvements,now it’s the most advanced charcoal retort in this domain,suitable for making biochar,so it’s also called as biochar retort.The most remarkable feature is that all smoke and gas will be fully collected,stored and used,thus realize the smokeless carbonization.The collected gas,except of own using for carbonization,the rest can be used for drying raw material,heating and selling to market.It has decent apperance,high efficiency,less occupation of place,safe and reliable,continous working,besides it can produce all charcoals of high temperature,medium temperature and low temperature,the rate of finishing products is very high.
The charcoal retort is consisted of charcoal furnace,charcoal vessels,purification tower,water supply device,gas reserve device,gas burning and feeding device and a travelling crane which will be prepared by users.Among them,the base of gas collect bags and the water pool for purification device will be built before installation of all equipments,the size and the location for every part will be precised by our drawings.
The carbonization is the thermal decomposition process in fact,in the charcoal furnace,in condition of air isolation,the biomass briquette will be heated to decompose,except of charcoal as solid,we can get also liquid such as pyroligneous,wood tar and so on,all gas will be collected in gas bags.The charcoal vessels are divided to 3 groups,every group of 4 vessels,so 12 vessels as total.The 12 vessels in 3 different groups will work alternatively,thus realize the continuous work.

Technical parameters:
Product name Smokeless charcoal making system
Components charcoal furnace,charcoal vessels,purification tower,
water supply device,gas reserve device,gas burning and feeding device
Refractory bricks Contained
Vessels number 12 sets
Working mode Continuous
Charcoal output 1.2-1.5T/24h
Gas output 600-1000m3/24h