Drum wood chipper

Drum chipper is also called as drum wood chipper or drum chipping machine ,it’s a kind of chipping machine to process the wood block with big size which can’t enter the crusher directly .It’s composed by pedestal ,knives roller ,hydraulic system and feeding device :
1. The pedestal is the base of drum wood chipper ,it’s made by high strengh alloy and welded by automatic machine ,it will support all the weight of drum wood chipper and the raw material while chipping .
2. The knives roller is the core part of a drum chipper ,all knives were fixed on surface of roller .When its rolling ,they will cut the wood material into small chips .
3. The hydraulic system is designed for maintenance .When we need adjust or change somes parts interior of the drum chipping machine ,we should use it to lift or put down the roller .
4. The feeding device is consisted by a pair of feeding rollers ,we control its speed to adapt the raw material .

Because the shape of knives roller is much like a drum ,so we named it as drum chipper .The wood material will be feeded through a pair of feeding rollers ,at this moment ,it’s well fixed by the feeding rollers ,while the knives roller is rolling ,the knives on it will cut it time after time .There are many holes on the collector of wood chips ,the chips with suitable size will pass while the bigger size will return for recutting .

Technical parameters:

Model JYDC-216 JYDC-218
Entrance size 240mm*540mm 310mm*680mm
Max.Diameter of material 220mm 300mm
Output 5-8t/h 8-12t/h
Main motor power 55kw 110kw
Weight 4070kg 7000kg