Hammer mill

POWER: 5.5-132KW
WEIGHT: 120-5000KG
Hammer mill is the most often used crusher ,it has wide range for using .Its raw material to crush includs wood ,straw ,bean shells and cereals .It’s also called as hammer mill grinder ,hammer mill crusher or hammer mill machine .The hammer mill is consisted by pedestal ,shaft ,hammers ,screener ,electric motor and feeding device .The structure is not complex ,but rather effective .The hammers and the screener are core parts of a hammer mill ,they are made by high strength and wear resistant alloy .For different raw material ,we can change the mesh size of screener to adapt it .

During its working ,raw material will be feeded through the entrance on top ,it will drop down by gravity then into the crushing room .All hammers were fixed on one side of rotor ,they are not fastened without moving ,on the contrary ,one side of hamer can rotate around another side which was fixed on the rotor with shaft connection .When crushing ,the raw material will be beaten by hammers then impact on the surface of screener ,it will rebound and be beaten one more time by hammers ,the powder fine enough will pass the screener and go for next process ,the refused will be rebeaten in the crushing room until it become fine enough .
Our products are all industrial hammer mills which means the great capacity for making pellets or briquettes ,the main model is PTO hammer mill ,it’s a model with a central shaft that can be drived by peripheric device .For asking hammer mill price ,please get in touch with our sellers online ,many different models hammer mill for sale .

Technical parameters:
Raw Material Range Wood ,straw ,bean shells ,cereals...
Raw Material Moisture 10%-55%
Raw material Size 6mm
Output 150-5000Kg/Hour
Power 5.5-132KW
Weight 120-500KG