Horizontal wood grinder

Horizontal grinder is a big size crushing equipment,suitable for big size pellet or briquette production line.Usually such big size lines use logs as raw material,if we adopt this horizontal grinder,we won’t need other machines to make pre-treatmentt and chipping,because the product of horizontal grinder can be processed directly by hammer mill to make pellet or briquette,that’s to say the one machine can realize multifunctions,very efficient.For used wood templates,wood pallet and many biomass material like straw,hay or reed,it’s also a right choice.
The horizontal wood grinder is developed on wood chipper,so it has similar construction but with little difference.The wood chipper use rotary knives and fixed knives to chip or crush while the horizontal grinder use the hammers to crush and grind.If the raw material is wood template or wood pallet something wide and flat,we can change the clamp device to tiger paws (another type of clamp device).It adopts smart automatic feeding system,the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the machine’s charge.The horizontal grinder has large size and high capacity,widely used for biomass power station and steel plant,etc,it can be also used for large size pellet or briquette production lines.

Technical parameters:

Model JY1250-500 JY1400-500 JY1400-800
Rollers diameter 800mm 800mm 1100mm
Entry size 1250*500mm 1400*500mm 1400*800mm
Power 145kw 200kw 250kw
Capacity 10-12t/h 12-15t/h 20-25t/h
Weight 13.8t 18.6t 24.6t