Hydraulic log splitter

Log splitter is one of frequently used machines for wood processing,it has been widely used for wood pellet or wood briquette production lines.If the raw material for making pellet or briquette is too large such as log or stump which can’t be processed directly by wood chipper,we should use log splitter.It’s also named as hydraulic log splitter or electric wood splitter,using hydraulic power drived by electric motor to split large size woods into two or more parts,only smaller size of woods can be fed to wood chipper.Now it exists mainly three models in the market,they are horizontal log splitter,vertical log splitter and portal log splitter,we mainly adopt horizontal log splitter as pre-treatment machine for wood chippers.

It’s composed by wheels,outriggers,hydraulic pump,hydraulic cylinder,electric motor,blade,push-pull rod,push-pull shelf and control pannel,etc.When working the hydraulic pump generate the flow of high pression oil then eject them into valve,the user will open the valve to start the hydraulic cylinder which will move the push-pull shelf toward the blade.So the log carried by the shelf will be pushed against the blade,thus the log will be splited by blade.If the splited log remains too large after one time of spliting,we can remake the spliting until the size will be OK for wood chipper.The electric wood spliter is easy for operation,efficient,the blade is replaceable according to user’s need,our company will supply full set of long splitters.

Technical parameters:
Model WP-800 WP-1000 WP-1200 WP-1500
Worktable size 800*600mm 1000*600mm 1200*600mm 1500*850mm
Max diameter 500mm 650mm 980mm 1200mm
Power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Hydraulic pressure 30t 35t 40t 50t
Packing size 2800*600*1100mm 3100*600*1200mm 3400*650*1300mm 4200*1100*1500mm