Pellet dryer screener

It’s usually a customized device ,can be divided to two parts ,they are wood pellet dryer and pellet screener or pellet sieve .Each manufacturer makes design according to the flow-chart of production line ,the output of pellets ,the size and the type of pellets ,our designer will calculate the exact inner volume of the wood pellet dryer and the grade of vibration for the pellet screener .In normal case ,the pellet dryer screener won’t be sold separately ,because it’s a customized device and must be adapted to the pellet mill .

The wood pellet dryer is rather like a big vessel ,it’s a closed device ,made by high resistant steel ,all the six sides are welded together to form a closed space .In top of pellet dryer ,there is the inlet of pellets ,all wood pellets from pellet mill will drop down through the inlet ,during the dropping time ,cool fresh air will raise and encouter with the fresh wood pellets here ,then they will make heat and moisture exchange .On one side of pellet dryer ,an observation hole was reserved to survey the inner condition for users .At the bottom of wood pellet dryer ,here is the part to connect the pellet screener below .
The pellet screener is a vibration sieve ,we also call it as pellet sieve .All pellets dropped from wood pellet dryer will stay here ,then with the vibration of screen ,some pellets with small size can drop through the holes of screen ,these pellets will return to the pelletizing process ,the other pellets which will be refused by the holes of screen will enter the next process .

Technical parameters:
Products to process Wood pellet;feed pellet;pellet alike
Original moisture 20%-15%
Moisture after drying 15-10%
Output 1-10T/Hour
Power 7.5-20KW
Weight 350-1500KG