Pellet packing machine

Pellet packing machine is a weight measurement and packing equipment ,it’s consisted by three parts ,they are weighting device ,belt conveyor and sewing machine .The weighting device is  to measure the weight of pellets ,it’s pneumatic .The stand weight can be setted by PC ,the deviation not more than 0.2kg .There is a storage bin above the weighting device ,at the weighting moment ,the pellets in storage bin will drop down to the woven bag which is placed on the belt conveyor .Until the weight can reach the stand ,the storage bin will be closed and the pellets stop dropping .

Then the woven bag of pellets on the belt conveyor will be taken to the sewing machine .The belt conveyor is also a device with the adjustable speed ,it’s drived by an electric motor with frequency conversion .The sewing machine is not a common model ,it’s designed to sew the large woven bag .As the belt conveyor and the weighting device ,they are all controlled by PC in programme .If the weight has been changed ,we can reset the parameters in PC to adapt the packing .
The pellet packing machine can be not only used for packing wood pellets ,but also feed pellets or other pellets alike .Because we are not the manufacturer of packing machine ,the pellet packing machine won’t be sold separately ,but if the user want it anyway ,please get in touch with our sales representatif .

Technical parameters:
Products to process Wood pellet;feed pellet;pellet alike
Weight range 5-100KG
Bag type Woven bag;plastic bag;cloth bag;other material
Belt width 400-600mm
Power 5.5-10KW
Weight 200-500KG