Stump tub grinder

If the raw material to produce pellet or briquette is the stump ,in early time ,it was very difficult to process .The previous way is to split the stump at first ,then get smaller size wood blocks .But even the smaller size of block is too large to enter a hammer mill ,we had to crush them with a certain type of crusher .But now the situation has been changed ,with the apperance of tub grinder ,we can use only one machine to process all of them ,that’s the advantage of tub grinder .

The tub grinder is a specialized machine ,only for the stump ,the tree roots or big block wood ,it's also called as stump crusher or stump grinder ,the maximum size of stump is 1.6M .In normal case ,this size will be enough for the majority of stump ;but if the stump is still too big to enter ,we have to split it at first .It’s a also a mobile device which can be drived a truck or tractor ,so for the region abounded in wood ,it will be an ideal device .Our tub grinder was made by high strength alloy ,it adopts rotary knifes cutting ,all core parts were made by our own factory ,the durability can be guaranteed .From now on ,the user won’t use three devices to process the big size stump ,because they could be replaced by one our tub grinder .

(Rotary type tub grinder)

Technical parameters:

Raw Material Range Stump ,wood roots ,wood blocks
Size of feeding entrance 1500mm*1500mm
Size of chips after crushing 30-50mm
Output 15-30T/Hour
Power 110-150kw
Weight 9-12ons