Tree branch shredder

MODEL: JYQZ-1000/1500
POWER: 90/180KW
Tree branch shredder is also called as movable wood shredder,it’s designed especially for the long and thin biomass material like tree branch.If the major raw material for making pellets or briquettes is rightly tree branch,we can choose it as main crushing equipment.Because of the special construction for tree branch only,the efficiency is much higher than other model crushers.
The tree branch shredder is composed by feeding hopper,crushing room,transmission device,diesel motor,ejection system,control box and movable chassis.When it works,tree branch will enter the crushing room horizontally through the feeding hopper,because the feeding hopper has large size,except of very large branch,all can be processed without difficulty.By contrast,other model of crusher can’t avoid the case if the branch with many crotch will be blocked against the feeding device,they have not forced feeding device,so once the branch is blocked outside,nothing will enter to be crushed,the user have to deblock it by hand.Thanks to the optimized design,the blockage won’t take place even with the gross branch and many crotch,it need not as much manual works as other crushers.

Technical parameters:
Model JYQZ-1000 JYQZ-1500
Motor Diesel motor Diesel motor
Movability Yes Yes
Power 90kw 180kw
Entry size 440*380mm 500*500mm
Capacity 5-8t/h 8-10t/h
Size 3800*1600*2700mm 4500*2100*3000mm
Weight 2800kg 4200kg