Process of pelletizingv

The most commonly used pellet press is ring die pellet press, another well-known model is flat die pellet press. 
Usually, we call the ring die model as an industrial pellet press, here we only explain the process of pelletizing for this model.
The raw material for pellet press can be various woods, branches, trunk, stump, or waste wood. After pre-processing such as crushing & drying, all material must have been transformed into powder to feed the pellet press. Then powder will be fed through a tempering-mixing device named as a modulator, its function is to make preparing of raw material to adapt the pellet press's process. Inside of pelletizing chamber, there are numerous holes throughout the ring die surface, these holes were drilled evenly so that powder material could be passed by extruding force. A couple of rollers or two were set here to press powder material towards these holes in the surface of ring die, in the condition of rising temperature & pressure, more and more powder material will pass through holes of ring die. On the outside of the ring die, two cutters were set to cut them with the same size adjusted by ourselves. The normal diameter for pellet is 6mm, sometimes 8mm or bigger, it should be known that its diameter depends on the ring die's hole diameter, the last one is a customized part which can be made by client's demand.