Industrial wood pellet mill machine

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
Wood pellet mill machine can work independently without any auxiliary equipment,for domestic workshop,a wood pellet mill machine can work with a worker,the manual feeding raw material can make the wood pellet mill work continuously,but the efficiency is not high,and it need manual work.To improve efficiency,the industrial production need automatic feeder to replace manual work.

The feeder for industrial wood pellet mill is composed by a stock bin,a screw propeller and shelf.The stock bin is also known as buffer,the usage is to stock and provide raw material to screw propeller,then the propeller will take raw material to the top of machine uniformly.Because the uniform feeding,the efficiency of pelletizing is also not bad,and much better than manual work,its feeding speed is adjustable,raw material is not easy to be blocked.
Our wood pellet mill machine for sale is usually equiped with feeder.For production line by more than one wood pellet mill machines,the feeder has also the function to distribute raw material.With the help of other auxilairy equipments,it can realize automatic production.

Technical parameters:
Raw Material Range Sawdust;wood chip;waste wood;straw;rice husk;peanut shell...
Raw Material Moisture 10%-75%
Pellet Machine Ring Die Vertical Type
Output 1-30T/Hour
Pellet Diameter 6-12mm
Pellets Moisture 8%-12%