JY-1200 durable biomass pellet making machine

TYPE: Double rotors
JY1200 durable pellet making machine is one of our new products,now it has higher output than other models,the unit output per hour can attain to 3-4T.But the features are not only the biggest output,the most significant feature is the durability.It has more reasonnable structure which can guarantee a long time continuous working without any maintenance,so it’s also surnamed as maintenance-free biomass pellet mill.Compared with other pellet making machines,the wear parts have much longer lifetime,the users need not making maintenance even after a long time working,from this point,we can say its production cost is lower.Revealed by many test datas,the production cost can be reduced to 40% if we adopt this model of biomass pellet mill.

The working principal is different from other models,from its apperance,we can find its bearing pedestal are placed out of pelletizing room,such delicate design will avoid any damage for bearing caused by raw material blockage during the process in pelletizing room.The ring die rotate arond axis drived by electric motor,two sets of rollers are placed in the room through bearing,when raw material pass the gap between rollers and ring die,the rollers will be forced to rotate that makes raw material enter holes of ring die.Besides,in the course of working,we can adjust the inverval between rollers and ring die but needn’t stop working.We can guarantee along all its lifetime that need not lubricant oil or grease,and long time working for 24h in 24h.
Because it’s new type of biomass pellet making machine,to promote such an excellent product,it’s installed more sensors and protection device.In the condition of 8h working per day,the output can not be less than 800T per month,for big size production line,we propose it.To know JY-1200 biomass pellet making price,please contact with us!

Technical parameters:
Model JY-1200
Feature Double rotors
Output 3000-4000KG/H
Size 3800mm×1850mm×1600mm
Net Weight 10000KG
Components Cooling system,lubrication system,controller,detectors