JY-450 wood pellet press machine

JY-450 wood pellet press machine now is the smallest ring die pellet press in our company.Although its ring die diameter is only 450mm,but it has high output.In closed pelletizing room,raw material will drop from the feeder of wood pellet press,by the centrifugal force while running rollers,raw material will be thrown out to the inwall of ring die which is fixed in pelletizing room.During pelletizing process,the ring die is fixed but press rollers will rotate,so the raw material between the inwall of ring die and these press rollers will be grinded into the hole of ring die,more and more raw material will be pressed into holes until the previous raw material will be pressed out of ring die,then these bar-type materials will be cut and form pellets.

Pellet press machine is a high precision processed equipment,all our pellet press parts are made by CNC machines,we can guarantee the longest lifetime.Our factory is located in Jinan city known as the hometown of pellet press machines,in our showroom many wood pellet press for sale you can find and choose the right model.

Technical parameters:
Model JY-450
Ring Die Diameter 450mm
Output 500-800KG/H
Size 1400mm×750mm×1550mm
Net Weight 2800KG
Components Cooling system,lubrication system,controller,detectors