JY-550 biomass pellet machine

JY—550 biomess pellet machine is a frequently used type of biomass pellet mill.The reason why it’s the frequently used type is the stable capacity and wide application.From hardwood to soft wood,whether straw or peanut hull,it can process many kinds of raw material.

It’s a vertical type of ring die pellet making machine,the ring die was vertically installed in the pelletizing room,not as the horizontal type where the ring die was installed horizontally.All their holes in the ring die were parallel with ground,however the horizontal type ring die holes were not parallel,that’s why it was named as vertical type of biomass pellet making machine.When running,raw material in these holes will bear uniform press,but horizontal type is not the same,because the majority of raw material has dropped on the bottom of ring die,so only holes in the horizontal type of ring die will bear great press,other holes won’t bear the same press,so these holes will be worn out while other holes not.

Vertical type of ring die pellet making machine has many advantage than horizontal type,especially the cost.In normal case,a vertical type of ring die pellet making machine for sale is much cheaper than horizontal one.To get best biomass pellet making machine price,please get in touch with us.

Technical parameters:
Model JY-550
Ring Die Diameter 550mm
Output 1000-1500KG/H
Size 1900mm×950mm×1800mm
Net Weight 4500KG
Components Cooling system,lubrication system,controller,detectors