JY-720 wood pellet making machine

JY-720 is another often used model,it’s also frequently used for whole pellets plant.Due to the medium capacity and reliable quality,it has very high working efficiency.
All our ring die pellet making machines belong to vertical type,they adopt top feeding way which is simple and efficient,not like horizontal type,although this type of wood pellet machine its raw material was also feeded from top of machine,but it must be transported by a long path and has a 90° turn,because the raw material must be entered horizontally,so the feeding path was curved and very easy to be blocked.But our vertical type wood pellet making machine has solved the problem,its feeding path from top to pelletizing room was very shot,raw material will drop by gravity directly to pelletizing room,won’t be blocked,then raw material will be thrown out to ring die’s hole.

If you are searching the lowest wood pellet machine price,we may not be,but we can say all our wood pellet machine for sale has very high cost performance.Welcome to visit and cooperate,in showing room various wood pellet machine for sale.

Technical parameters:
Model JY-720
Ring Die Diameter 720mm
Output 2000-3000KG/H
Size 2900mm×1300mm×2400mm
Net Weight 7000KG
Components Cooling system,lubrication system,controller,detectors