Ring die sawdust pellet mill

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year

If dividing by structure of machine,pellet mill can be divided to feed pellet mill and sawdust pellet mill; If dividing by use,pellet mill can be divided to flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.Flat die pellet mill is usually used for small production or domestic,medium or large scale pellet factories can only use ring die pellet mill.

Ring die pellet mill is our main product,it’s designed with sawdust pellet production characters,the structure has been optimized,more suitable to product sawdust pellet.After more than 20 years manufacturing experience,now it has been developped to the third generation product.The gear box was made by the highest precision processing,the transmission efficiency more than 95%.As we knew,the ring die is the core part of pellet mill,for the first and the second generation product it adopted the material of 42CrMo steel,from the third generation,it begin to use 20CrMnTi steel to replace 42CrMo,the toughness and the wear resistance are much better than the first and the second generation products.The lubrication and the cooling system has been optimized which can guarantee the capacity of production and prolong the service life.
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Technical parameters:

Raw Material Range Sawdust;wood chip;waste wood;straw;rice husk;peanut shell...
Raw Material Moisture 10%-75%
Pellet Machine Ring Die Vertical Type
Output 1-30T/Hour
Pellet Diameter 6-12mm
Pellets Moisture 8%-12%