Wood pellet maker unit for pellet stove

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
Wood pellets made by pellet maker is just for pellet stove burning,our wood pellet maker is designed according to pellet stove burning features,many details have been improved,pellets can be completely burned and hard to be broken,they are compact and hard to absorb moisture.
The wood pellet maker unit is integrated pellet plant,including all equipments from crushing to packing.Among them,pelletizing equipment adopts our vertical ring die pellet maker of JY series,JY-550 or JY-720 is the most often used model.The compression ratio is moderate,suitable to process majority of raw materials.Although the compression force is high,due to the reasonable design,the ring die is hard to be worn out,and the wood pellet made has excellent performance.The wood pellet maker for pellet stove is equiped with movable conveyors,if the raw material is dry enough,it need not drying equipments,so the raw material after crushing can be transported to pellet maker directly.But if the raw material is humid,it will need drying equipments,air-flow dryer or drum rotary dryer for choice,because the pelletizing process need the moisture less than 20%.Pellets made by pellet maker is about 15%-18%,and after cooling the moisture can be reduced to 10%-12% then to be packed.Finally high quality pellets should be delivered to clients,to burn for pellet sotve.Welcome to contact us,best wood pellet maker for sale.

Technical parameters:
Raw Material Range Sawdust;wood chip;waste wood;straw;rice husk;peanut shell...
Raw Material Moisture 10%-75%
Pellet Machine Ring Die Vertical Type
Output 1-30T/Hour
Pellet Diameter 6-12mm
Pellets Moisture 8%-12%