Wood pellet plant

SUPPLYING: 1000/Year
A wood pellet plant is usually composed by crushing part,drying part,pelletizing part and packing part.Pellet mill equipment,drying equipment and various crushing equipment are all made by our factory,other auxiliary wood pellet manufacturing equipments can be provided to constitute an whole wood pellet plant.
The crushing part is quite different according to different raw material.If raw material is just like straw,rice hust,peanut shell or palm fiber,a multipurpose crusher is enough.If raw material is hard wood such as oak,beech or teak,it will need a wood chipper and a hammer mill.If raw material has large size,for example the stump and the trunk,it need a breaker or a spliter to process at first.
The drying part is air flow dryer or rotary dryer,according to different moisture of raw material,we’ll choose the right one.For example,if the moisture less than 20%,it won’t need drying,because the moisture limit for pelletizing is 20%;if the moisture between 20% to 40% and not with a high capacity,we can choose air flow dryer;if the moisture more than 40% or with a high capacity,we propose rotary dryer,the triple pass rotary dryer has the best drying effect.
The pelletizing part is composed by pellet mill and cooling screen,for medium or big scale pellet plant,it’s usually more than one pellet mill equipments work together,they share the same cooling screen.The upper section is cooling bin,the section below is a screen machine.After cooling,the pellet will harden,it will be dry and cool then to be packed.After screening,broken pellets which were refused by screen will be taken to crushing part to remake pellets.
Packing is the last part of wood pellet plant,it’s constitued by a packing machine,a sealing machine and a conveyor.The weight of packing can be adjusted,the location of sealing machine and conveyor also can be moved on the basis of working condition.
Our company has professional design group constituted by experienced engineers in different domain,we will provide the customized plan for every client according to their condition and supply all technic service including 3-d drawings.Welcome to discuss with us!

Technical parameters:
Raw Material Range Sawdust;wood chip;waste wood;straw;rice husk;peanut shell...
Raw Material Moisture 10%-75%
Pellet Machine Ring Die Vertical Type
Output 1-30T/Hour
Pellet Diameter 6-12mm
Pellets Moisture 8%-12%