DH-300 Biomass wood chip dryer

Pipe Diameter: 300mm
Power: 7.5kw
Capacity: 400-500kg/h
DH series biomass dryer systems are high efficiency biomass drying equipments.It has similar structure as QL serious biomass wood chip dryer but more powerful,the difference is DH series biomass dryer has bigger drying tower,the drying tower has wider diameter which contains a long drying pass,we call it as triple pass drying tower.It means the same length of drying tower will make raw material passed 3 turns,thus the drying pass will be triple than single pass dryer.Due to the special design,the drying effect is very good.Even for the moisture more than 40%,it can dry to ideal moisture by only one time.So for the raw material with high moisture and the user doesn’t want to use rotary drum dryer,DH series biomass wood chip dryer is a best choice for them.
DH-300 is a small size model,we have also bigger model such DH350,DH400 and DH500.The quantity of drying towers can be customized,according to raw material’s moisture.In normal case,2 or 3 drying towers will be enough.For very humid raw material,we still propose rotary drum dryer,but for certain clients who want to use less electricity to dry raw material,DH-300 biomass wood chip dryer can fit the request.
As one of leading biomass dryer manufacturers,Qingdao Jingyao insist improve production technology and supply best quality products for users.

Technical parameters:
Model DH-300
Raw material moisture 35%-45%
Moisture after drying 10%-15%
Main machine power 7.5kw
Pipe diameter 300mm
Cyclone diameter 900mm
Drying speed 400-500kg/h
Net weight 2850kg