DH-500 wood chip dryer machine

Pipe Diameter: 500mm
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 1500-2000kg/h
DH-500 is the biggest model in DH series wood chip dryer machines,the drying pipe has a diameter of 500mm which is close to rotary drum dryer diameter.Meanwhile it has the highest drying efficiency among all our airflow dryers.Although the manufacturing process is not very hard,but it need earnest work.As we have known,DH serie means triple pass drying tower,the drying tower is the core part of this wood chip dryer.In the dryer tower,we build 3 levels to seprate the drying pass,the raw material to dry will enter the frist pass then lift to top and drop down until it finish all 3 pass.During each pass,on the inwall of every clapboard,there are many shovelling plates which were welded here.These shovelling plates will throw out raw material to touch the hot dry air completely,the welding of shovelling plates is important.In our workshop,the welding will be done by automatic welding machine,the precision is very high,much better than manual workes,and more durable to use.
DH-500 wood chip dryer machine can not only process wood chip,but also process other raw materials such as straw,peanut shell,rice husk and different fibers.Before dyring,the raw material must be fine enough.If it’s very thick,we must make crushing at first.Anyhow we can’t use very thick raw material to avoid blocking drying pipes.The maintenance for wood chip dryer machine is easy,we just need checking the pipe if finding fissure and if the electric fan make more noise,if with this condition,we just add some lubricating grease.
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Technical parameters:
Model DH-500
Raw material moisture 35%-45%
Moisture after drying 10%-15%
Main machine power 22kw
Pipe diameter 500mm
Cyclone diameter 1500mm
Drying speed 1500-2000kg/h
Net weight 6500kg