GT-1000 triple pass wood chip drying systems

Drum Diameter: 1000mm
Power: 13.2kw
Capacity: 700-900kg/h
GT-1000 is also a smaller type wood chip drying equipment ,just a little bigger than GT-800 .Main components include raw material feeder ,hot air stove ,drying drum ,drying pipes ,draught fan and unloader .The raw material feeder is usually a screw conveyor ,it takes the humid raw material from the pit to the entrance of drying drum ,the feeding speed depends on the conveyor speed ,its length and inclination will be designed according to the site’s situation .

Hot air stove is the equipment to produce hot air ,it’s the resource for whole wood chip drying systems ,so it’s very important for the drying effect .If dividing by different type of fuel ,there are 4 types hot air stove ,they are oil type ,gas type ,electric type and biomass type .Among them ,oil type and gas type need a burner to burn gasoil or gas ,if the client hasn’t particular demand ,we’ll use the known brand products made by Italian manufacturer .The electric type was rarely used ,the most frequently used type is biomass type .Because the electric type needs electricity which costs too much ,but biomass type only use the waste from wood chip drying systems ,so the fuel cost is nearly zero ,furthermore it will consume the waste of wood chip drying equipment ,we could say it have double benefit .

Technical parameters:
Model GT-1000
Initial moisture 35%-45%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 11.0KW
Drum power 2.2KW
Drum diameter 1000mm
Drum length 6M
Drying speed 700-900KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 4300KG