GT-1200 sawdust rotary dryer machine

Drum Diameter: 1200mm
Power: 24kw
Capacity: 1300-1500kg/h
GT-1200 is a medium size sawdust rotary dryer machine ,the diameter of its rotary drum is 1200mm .Just like GT-1000 ,it’s also consisted by hot air stove ,rotary drum ,transmission system ,drying tower ,etc .The drying tower of a sawdust rotary dryer hasn’t any obvious difference with an air-flow dryer ,just a little bigger size .But the major part of drying is not proceeded in drying tower ,it’s proceeded in drying drum .The material after drying by drum will be taken here ,then put into drying pipes .

The hot air stove of sawdust dryer machine has close structure ,its fuel will burn to heat the fresh air and get rid of moisture .No matter it’s oil type ,gas type or biomass type ,all fuel will burn in the burning room .Since it burns ,probably come out flame .Once the flame will enter the drying drum ,it may burn the sawdust inside ,we should avoid it .So how to prevent any flame to enter is an important thing ,to solve such problem ,we set several layers firewall and filter screen .Even the flame can escape out ,it will run through such firewall and filter screen ,the firewall will block bigger flame and the filter screen will put out smaller flame ,thus pure hot air will be taken to the drying drum of rotary dryer machine .

Technical parameters:
Model GT-1200
Initial moisture 35%-45%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 18.5KW
Drum power 5.5KW
Drum diameter 1200mm
Drum length 10M
Drying speed 1300-1500KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 7400KG