GT-1500 best quality rotary dryer

Drum Diameter: 1500mm
Power: 29.5kw
Capacity: 1500-2000kg/h
GT-1500 is a medium size rotary dryer machine ,it’s our most frequently used model .Consisted by hot air furnace ,raw material feeder ,rotary dryer ,transmission system and control cabinet .For general condition ,sawdust with a moisture more than 15% must be dried ,if the moisture not high we can use air-flow dryer ,if it with a high moisture or hard to be dried we have to choose rotary dryer .

It’s a triple pass rotary dryer ,the inner of rotary dryer has been divided into 3 layers space .The sawdust to dry will be put in from the feeding inlet which is close to the hot air furnace side ,then mix with hot air and move to another side along the inner room which is formed by the clapboard and the inwall of rotary drum .Many clapboards were welded on the inwall of rotary drum ,these clapboards were made by wear-resistant and heat-resistant steel plate ,they were not welded vertically with the inwall surface ,but with a certain angle .They are uniformly distributed on the inwall surface ,its size ,its shape and the interval between two clapboards were determined by the condition of material .Thus in each layer of drying room ,when the raw material pass ,these clapboards will take them up then drop down because the the rotary drum has rotated with a certain angle ,then the dropping raw material will be beat by the clapboards below ,again and again ,all the raw material will be dried and beat into small pieces ,not like other rotary dryer manufacturers who only weld few clapboards inside .
As one of best rotary dryer manufacturers in China ,Qingdao Jingyao will never relax for the products quality ,it’s our life .

Technical parameters:
Model GT-1500
Initial moisture 35%-45%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 22KW
Drum power 7.5KW
Drum diameter 1500mm
Drum length 12M
Drying speed 1500-2000KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 11600KG