GT-1800 rotary drum dryer

Drum Diameter: 1800mm
Power: 48kw
Capacity: 2000-2500kg/h
GT-1800 is a big size rotary drum dryer ,its rotary drum diameter is 1800mm .Because it has a wider rotary drum ,so the inner space is also wide ,and the hot air inside will be enough which is easier to exchange the moisture and the heat ,anyhow it’s a high efficiency model .Its structure is same as medium size rotary drum dryer ,the rotary drum is the main part of system ,so the rotary drum has also occupied the majority weight .From small rotary drum dryer to big rotary drum dryer ,the weight is from 3ton to 30ton .When it rotate ,with the raw material inside ,the total weight will be high .How to drive such heavy equipment ,and makes it rotate and adjust the rotation speed with our required demand is an important question .

The rotary drum is placed on the pedestal which is fixed on the ground .We take GT-1800 as example ,there are two laps of gear around the shell of rotary drum ,in the front part and in the rear part ,but only one lap of gear will bite the small gear on pedestal ,it’s the electric motor linked the small gear on pedestal who will drive the lap of gear which is fixed in rotary drum ,so the rotary drum will be drived .We should find only one lap of gear of rotary drum is drived by motor ,the other lap of gear will be drived by its small gear on pedestal which is connected by a cardan shaft with a side connected by electric motor .Thus ,only one motor will drive the rotary drum ,not two motors will drive respectively ,it’s to avoid the twisting damage because of the potential speed difference between the two laps of gear drived by its motor .
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Technical parameters:
Model GT-1800
Initial moisture 35%-45%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 37KW
Drum power 11KW
Drum diameter 1800mm
Drum length 12M
Drying speed 2000-2500KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 23800KG