GT-2000 industrial rotary biomass dryer

Drum Diameter: 2000mm
Power: 60kw
Capacity: 2500-3000kg/h
GT-2000 is a big size industrial rotary dryer ,at this moment it’s our biggest universal model ,for the still bigger model rotary dryer for sale ,we can make custom-made according to client’s requirement ,but the rotary dryer price will be a little higher .
As GT-800 rotary biomass dryer ,it has a high weight more than 20 tons ,the driving depends on the gears which were placed on the pedestal of machine .The gears are drived by an electric motor ,with a power of 45kw .From stationary state to turning state ,because of the high weight of rotary drum ,it must need a very huge torque ,a common electric motor can’t be suitable ,so we adopt high torque motor which can well resolved the problem such as breakdown of electric coil when starting running .
As we known ,the turning speed of motor is high ,such high speed can’t be fit for rotary drum ,so we have to reduce its turning speed ,it will use the speed reducer .The speed reducer is a gear box in fact ,there are many different gears connected each other ,after a series of transmission ,it will make the final speed into acceptable range .All our speed reducer are made by our factory ,we can guarantee its quality ,in normal maintenance condition ,its service life is much longer than others .

Furthermore ,an industrial rotary biomass dryer like GT-2000 its feeding dispositif is not a screw conveyor ,but a mechanism with sieving machine in order to get rid of the impurity at first ,its unloading cyclone has also a big size .In any case ,the model of bigger rotary drum has better drying effect .

Technical parameters:
Model GT-2000
Initial moisture 35%-45%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 45KW
Drum power 15KW
Drum diameter 2000mm
Drum length 12M
Drying speed 2500-3000KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 28500KG