GT-650 single pass sawdust drying systems

Drum Diameter: 650mm
Power: 9.7kw
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
GT-650 is our smallest rotary dryer,meanwhile it’s also the unique single pass rotary dryer.Because from GT-800,all other sawdust drying systems belong to triple pass rotary dryer.Although its capacity not high,even less than some bigger airflow dryer,but the effect is much better than airflow sawdust drying equipment.The difference from airflow sawdust drying equipment is the drying principle,rotary dryer use the rotary drum not the drying tower to dry raw material.

GT-650 means the drum has an diameter of 650mm,because the drum is too narrow,it can’t be made to triple pass model.The single pass structure gives it wider inner space,and makes it contain more hot and dry air,thus the raw material to dry can mix much more hot dry air and make stronger temperature and moisture exchange.The drying pass is linear not reciprocating,so it won’t be blocked and reduce the drying speed.Narrow and long drying pass makes it have longer drying pass.Of course,the drum’s length can be customized according raw material’s type and moisture,please get in touch with our sales representatives.

Technical parameters:
Model GT-650
Initial moisture 30%-40%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 7.5KW
Drum power 2.2KW
Drum diameter 650mm
Drum length 10M
Drying speed 500-600KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 3900KG