GT-800 rotating drum dryer

Drum Diameter: 800mm
Power: 11.2kw
Capacity: 600-750kg/h
GT-800 which is a little bigger than GT-650 ,can be made as triple pass rotating dryer ,so it may be our smallest triple pass rotating dryer ,meanwhile it’s also an economic choice .The price a litter higher than single pass rotating dryer ,but the drying efficiency of a single pass rotating dryer can’t match the triple pass one .

Triple pass rotating dryer ,we also called it triple pass rotating drum dryer ,its drum has reciprocating type structure ,3 layers ,equivalently 2 times longer than a single pass rotating drum dryer .Thus with a certain length ,it has realized prolonging the length of drum or the length or drying .The methode is to insert clapboard on the inwall of drum ,3 layers totally ,every clapboard has been welded shovel sheets .The raw material will enter the drum from one side ,then move to the other side along the inwall ,then return to the initial side ,finnaly to the other side and be unloaded ,this process equals 3 pass of drum or 3 drums ,so we call it triple pass rotating drum dryer .
Comparison with same size single pass rotating drum dryer ,they have the same size ,but triple pass rotating drum dryer has a drying pass 2 times longer than single pass one ,so we’d better choose the one with higher efficiency .

Technical parameters:
Model GT-800
Initial moisture 35%-40%
After drying moisture 10%-15%
Fan power 9.0KW
Drum power 2.2KW
Drum diameter 800mm
Drum length 8M
Drying speed 600-750KG/H
Power supply 3P 380V 50HZ
Weight 4100KG