QL-260 small sawdust dryer machine

Pipe Diameter: 260mm
Power: 4kw
Capacity: 180-250kg/h
QL series sawdust dryer belongs to air flow dryer,QL-260 is a small sawdust dryer,it’s the smallest model in series.It has compact structure,light weight and small to install,the drying speed is very high.For raw material which is not very wet,it can dry to 15% humidity for one time,even for very wet raw material it can dry to ideal humidity by 2 or 3 times drying.
The drying principle is simple,hot air furnace will heat the fresh air while burning fuel,the fresh air can be heated to 200-300°C without any flame,then hot air will be absorbed into drying pipes and will meet the raw material here. Because QL-260 is a small sawdust dryer,its drying pipe and drying tower is not large but long enough which can ensure effective drying trip for wet raw material inside.The mixutre will be lifted from bottom to top of the first drying tower then drop down and relifted to the top of the second drying tower,thus continue round and round until the last cyclone,here the raw material after long trip of drying will be unloaded.The speed of drying can be controlled by the power of electric fan which was installed in the drying pipe.
Except of QL-260,we have other small sawdust dryers such QL-300 and QL-350,many sawdust dryers for sale.If you only pay attention to sawdust dryer price,we may not be the cheapest one,but we are confident as one of best sawdust dryer manufacturers.

Technical parameters:
Model QL-260
Raw material moisture 25%-30%
Moisture after drying 10%-15%
Main machine power 4kw
Pipe diameter 260mm
Cyclone diameter 780mm
Drying speed 180-250kg/h
Net weight 1760kg