QL-350 airflow sawdust dryer

Pipe Diameter: 350mm
Power: 11kw
Capacity: 500-600kg/h
For raw material not with a very high moisture,for example moisture less than 45%,it’s usually air flow dryer as drying machine.If comparison with drum rotary dryer,it has very simple structure,the drying speed is high,and the cost is much lower than drum rotary dryer.But it’s not suitable for big scale pellets plant and the raw material with high moisture.For humid raw material which has a moisture more than 45%,the airflow sawdust dryer cann’t dry completely for one time,so it’s hard to make continuous drying for so humid raw material,we suggest to use drum rotary dryer.
QL-350 is also airflow sawdust dryer which is a few bigger than QL-260,air flow dryer is also called as pneumatic dryer,it contains hot air stove,feeding conveyor, drying towers,cyclones,pipes and exhaust fans.The temperature of hot air stove and the hot air volume can be controlled.In the outlet of dryer,the temperature tester was installed,in the drying tower there was installed the temperature detector,so we can adjust the temperature or the volume of hot air according to raw material’s moisture and temperature.
The fresh air was heated in hot air stove,then after many filter screen which blocked flame,it will be exhausted to drying pipe.The raw material was taken to the inlet of drying pipe,here it will meet the hot air which was exhausted by hot air stove and mixed together,they would be exhausted to every drying tower and pass through whole of drying pipe,finally the cyclone would unload the dry material.The drying process is fast,it needn’t any maintenance for working.

Technical parameters:
Model QL-350
Raw material moisture 25%-30%
Moisture after drying 10%-15%
Main machine power 11kw
Pipe diameter 350mm
Cyclone diameter 1050mm
Drying speed 500-600kg/h
Net weight 3200kg